A welcome-back letter is a great way to get parents ready to start their kids in another year of preschool. A quality letter may take 30 minutes to an hour to compose. More »

Write a warm church welcome letter to give new parishioners attending your services for the first time. Include important information to help them decide if your church will fulfill their spiritual needs. Use the letter ... More »

Use a professional letter format that organizes information into three distinct paragraphs of information including: what the reader is being welcomed to, what the welcome entitles the reader to and a reiteration of the ... More »

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A welcome letter to parents includes contact information, personal information, a description of the classroom, expectations and any actions the parents need to take. The welcome letter is a chance to connect with famili... More »

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When writing a school head lice letter to parents, consider including a description of the condition, what causes it, symptoms and treatment procedures, suggests Evanston Middle School. A school might send this letter in... More »

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A back-to-school welcome letter to parents typically includes information about the school and teacher, important contact information, and general expectations for the upcoming school year. Welcome-back letters are often... More »

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A welcome back to school letter from a teacher includes an overview of what students and parents should expect during the school year, an introduction to the teacher's teaching style and an overview of classroom policies... More »