Easy preschool activities for children include playing games and learning simple words in other languages. Games for preschoolers don't require many supplies, and they are simple to set up. More » Family Parenting

Science activities for preschoolers include watching an ice cube melt in different conditions, collecting and sorting autumn leaves, making a tin can phone, and observing how shadows change throughout the day. Preschoole... More » Family Parenting

Blocks, sorting activities, open-ended art projects and pretend play are some effective free play ideas for preschoolers. Free play encourages young children to explore their surroundings and helps develop crucial skills... More » Family Parenting
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The five love languages of children are touch, words, quality time, gifts and service, as stated by Kristen at Every child is different, and each places a different amount of importance on each of t... More » Family Parenting

Worksheets for preschool-aged children must be simple and allow for the fact that many children have not fully developed motor skills at this age. Worksheets that are colorful and engaging make for a good introduction to... More » Family Parenting

In general, preschools accept children as young as the age of 2 1/2, but the appropriate enrollment age differs depending on the child's development. A child who is ready to be enrolled in preschool should be able to par... More » Family Parenting

The A Beka preschool curriculum is a selection of teaching materials for language development, phonics, numbers and skills development for children ages 2 and 3. The curriculum has selections for home schooling and has a... More » Family Parenting