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You basically have to cook it for a very short period of time or a very long period of time. Here are a few ideas. 1) Marinate the skinless, boneless breasts in a flank steak type marinade. Grill til rare. Slice very thin. Serve with a cumberland-type sauce or a fruit/chili salsa. ... Read the What to do with a wild goose? discussion from the ...


This is a great recipe for that wild bird you're not sure what to do with. Sweet and tangy at the same time. Wild goose breasts are baked with a zesty orange glaze.


This is the way I prepare my goose meat for the BBQ. You can add whatever you fancy in the marinade, Orange Marmalade works really well also I just didn't have any when I filmed this.


Some hunters claim wild goose is inedible, and disrespected the birds for years with names like "sky rats" or worse. However, if you cook anything poorly, it's going to taste bad. Prepared correctly, wild goose is a delicious bird fit for all sorts of recipes like goose pastrami, goose liver pate, and goose confit.


One hour prior to cooking, remove goose from refrigerator to bring to room temperature. Prepare grill for medium-heat cooking. Remove breast from marinade and wrap with bacon. If needed, use toothpicks to keep bacon together. Grill bacon-wrapped goose breast until bacon is cooked through and goose is cooked to medium-rare but no more than medium.


Wild goose is not as fat or as large as domesticated birds. ¾ – 1¼ pounds per person will result in a generous serving. Two Mandatory Steps. First off, whichever way you decide to cook your goose, you need to make sure to remove the melted fat from the pan with a bulb baster.


But when it comes to roasting lean, wild geese, every scant bit of fat is precious, and that dearth of fat, beyond meaning that the meat dries out in the oven, also causes the bird to cook 30 to ...


A normal wild goose, such as a Canada, snow or whitefront will feed four, while a small goose (cackler, Aleutian or Ross’) will serve two heartily. A domestic goose or a giant Canada (really any Canada larger than 10 pounds) can serve as many as six. Don’t overcook waterfowl breasts or they will be livery. Rare-to-medium is the mantra.


Searing a duck or goose breast is one of my favorite ways to cook that bit of the bird, and I find that wild game always marries well with fruits. A year ago I made a similar dish called Ducks in the Orchard , which uses apples, and this year I wanted to refine and simplify it even further.