AT&T prepaid phone cards are used to refill AT&T GoPhone wireless, home and hotspot device accounts with minutes and data. AT&T has refill cards available in values between $20 and $60 on its website. Refill cards can al... More »

Prepaid phones can cost as low as $3 for a Kyocera Kona flip phone, or as much as $750 for a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. The only cards that can be used with most prepaid phones are the cards associated with the co... More »

To use a Verizon prepaid phone card, dial *611 from a Verizon prepaid phone and follow the instructions when prompted. Add Verizon prepaid phone cards to a prepaid account by logging into My Verizon online. More »

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Free prepaid phone cards can be obtained from websites or companies that provide one in exchange of reward points. Additionally, phone card providers give away a free phone card for new customers. More »

The terms of service for Verizon’s prepaid phone cards include card expiration after 12 months of non-use, surcharges for pay phone calls and international call origin limitations, as of December 2015. Verizon updates it... More »

The purpose of a Suddenlink phone is to replace an existing home line or supplement and reduce reliance on cellular coverage to overcome its shortcomings and reduce the amount of minutes or data needed. Suddenlink connec... More »

Net10 offers a wide variety of prepaid plans to customers including several different unlimited talk, text and data plans available with prepaid cards. For customers who do not need unlimited services, 1000 minutes, 500 ... More »