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WebMD explains that a couple can get pregnant faster if the woman is aware of her menstrual cycle. Tracking the period can help pinpoint the days that a woman is most fertile. Additionally, a woman can purchase an ovulation prediction kit to help her narrow down when she ovulates.


Undergoing genetic testing, determining the ovulation schedule, having sex at the right time and ensuring optimal sperm production are the best ways to get pregnant quickly, notes Baby Center. Taking folic acid about a month before starting to try reduces the danger of birth defects.


The time it takes to get pregnant varies, but about 84 percent of women get pregnant within a year of regular sex without contraception, says NHS Choices. Depending on age, reproductive health, and the frequency of sex, some women get pregnant much quicker than others.


The Mayo Clinic suggests that women who hope to get pregnant should know their most fertile time of the month, have regular, unprotected sex during this fertile window and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Women who want to get pregnant should maintain a healthy weight, eat nutritious food and refrain f


Common signs of potential pregnancy include, but are not limited to, missed menstrual periods, fatigue and frequent urination, according to Mayo Clinic. Pregnant women may also experience waves of nausea that may begin within the first three weeks following conception. Symptoms of nausea may be acco


Prenatal DNA paternity tests are available after the 14th week of gestation, according to Prenatal Genetics Center. The test is noninvasive and risk-free for both the mother and the fetus.


Pregnant women should avoid eating foods prone to the listeria bacterium, which causes listeriosis,, such as raw or uncooked meat, deli meats and unpasteurized dairy foods, explains WebMD. Listeriosis is a harmful disease that can result in serious health problems, stillbirth or miscarriages.


The federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits employers from asking a female job candidate whether or not she is pregnant. They also cannot refuse to hire a pregnant woman as long as she is able to perform the duties required in the job description.


According to Baby Center, the easiest way to get pregnant is by determining when ovulation occurs and then having sexual intercourse around those days, which is when a woman is most fertile. A woman usually ovulates 14 days before the start of her next period, according to WebMD.


The gestation period for dogs is roughly 63 days. However, a dog pregnancy can range from 58 to 68 days in length. Dog pregnancies are broken down into trimesters; each trimester lasts around 21 days.