Examples of simple predicates are "The child went home" or "The child threw the ball." In both of these instances, the subject of the sentence is "the child," and the predicate is "went home" in the first case and "threw... More » Education

Grammar-Monster provides a list of predicate examples, and also gives the definition of a predicate. K12Reader has simple predicate examples. MySchoolhouse shows some sample predicates, illustrating the difference betwee... More » Education

In the sentence "The children are sleeping," the verb string "are sleeping" is an example of a simple predicate. A predicate describes the action performed by the subject of a sentence. In its simplest form, a predicate ... More » Education Writing Academic Essays
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An example of a simple compound sentence is "John wanted to get a hamburger, but Jane wanted to eat at home." Another example is "She smiled at the baby, and he held out his arms for her." A compound sentence is a senten... More » Education

In the sentence "A heavy book fell off the shelf," the book is the subject, and "fell off the shelf" is the predicate. In the imperative sentence "Take the dog for a walk," the entire sentence is the predicate. The subje... More » Education

Examples of possessive nouns include the word "dog's" in the phrase "the dog's bone," "California's" in "California's climate" and "parents'" in "parents' worries." When a possessive noun is used, it indicates that the f... More » Education

Examples of oxymorons include the phrases "jumbo shrimp," "Great Depression," "act naturally," "plastic glasses" and "deafening silence." The word oxymoron is itself an oxymoron, as it combines two Greek words with contr... More » Education