A wedding prayer is a prayer, poem or special thought spoken during a wedding ceremony. The wedding prayer is typically spoken by the officiant, a close friend or family member who may fill an additional role in the wedd... More »

Common components of a wedding dinner prayer include asking God to bless the couple in their marriage and blessing the friends, family and guests attending the wedding. Additional items to include are thanking God for th... More »

The Christian Jewish religions have prayers specifically for wedding anniversaries, particularly the Catholic branch of Christianity. The prayers are structured around giving thanks to God for the marriage and its many b... More »

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Typically the wedding vows are said in the middle of the ceremony, after the welcome and before the exchanging of rings. This may change depending on the length of the ceremony and the different elements present in the c... More »

Cheap wedding ideas include creating a small guest list, asking guests for help, holding the ceremony at home and self-catering. A frugal wedding can be just as successful as an expensive one with the right strategy. More »

Wedding programs can be worded a variety of different ways depending on personal preference, religion, and type of ceremony. Most couples include the names and descriptions of important wedding party members, as well as ... More »

Wedding ceremonies vary wildly in duration, ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours, but the average ceremony lasts around half an hour. If the ceremony is religious or includes many readings, it's likely to be longer. A Cath... More »