To change a Power Wheels battery, remove the cover, remove the old battery, install the new battery, replace the cover and connect the battery to the vehicle. To order the correct replacement battery, refer to the toy’s ... More »

Reviews of the Power Wheels battery charger are generally positive from customers on As of December 2015, the Power Wheels 6-volt charger has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of five from 174 customers. More »

Power Wheels are a series of battery-powered vehicles, produced by Fisher Price, that are designed for children between the ages of one and seven years old. Power Wheels come in many different styles, including ATVs, car... More »

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To install replacement wheels on a Radio Flyer wagon, remove the nuts that hold the wheels of the wagon in place, take off the wheels, and position the replacement wheels correctly. Then, replace the nuts to secure the n... More »

Authorized service centers listed on the Mattel and Fisher-Price websites offer Power Wheels replacement parts.. To maintain the safety standards of the popular, ride-on vehicles, the centers must install many of these p... More »

Fully charged 6-volt rechargeable batteries work by producing a chemical reaction between the battery's sulfuric acid and lead plates once hooked up to a load. This reaction covers the positive and negative plates with l... More »

Children's toy manufacturers secure electronic toy battery compartments with child-proof release clips or with one or more screws to prevent young children from accessing the toy's batteries. The toy's instruction manual... More »