Pot a plant by preparing the pot, loosening the soil from the plant's root ball, placing the plant in the pot and watering it thoroughly. You will need a pot, a plant, potting soil, a garden trowel, compost and water. More »

Plant a hibiscus in a pot by choosing the right kind of container, using well-drained soil, placing the plant in a good location and watering the plant well. You need a pot and porous potting mix. More »

Ferns do well in pots if you give them adequate moisture. Consider double-potting, with the inner pot providing about 1 inch for root growth. Fill the space between pots with moist sphagnum moss to increase the humidity.... More »

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To repot a plant, gently remove the plant from its pot, loosen the root ball, and place it in a pot one size bigger than the original that is halfway filled with potting soil. Add more soil to fill in around the roots. P... More »

Transplant a lilac bush by severing some of the roots in the winter and spring and removing the root ball before the plant begins to bloom. Prepare a hole twice the size of the root ball, finish severing the roots, and r... More »

To grow a mango tree, prepare an appropriate growing spot, make sure the soil drains properly, plant the root ball, water the tree, fertilize it three times per year and watch for pests. Growing a mango tree is fairly ea... More »

After choosing an area with good drainage that experiences partial to full sun, dig a hole that is twice the width of the soil ball and the same depth as the boxwood's root ball, and then place the plant in the hole and ... More »