Depending on what part of Ontario you are mailing to, the postal code varies. Postal codes in Canada are made up of a combination of three letters and three numbers in the format of letter-number-letter number-letter-num... More »

Find a postal code for Ontario, Canada, by navigating to the Canada Post's official website,, and clicking on the Find a Postal Code link from the menu on the right-hand side of the home page, according to ... More » Business & Finance Mail & Shipping

Ontario is a large providence with 444 towns and cities, each having a different postal code. In order to find a postal code, you must find what the major city or town you are located in. More » Business & Finance Mail & Shipping

There are 523 different postal code prefixes for Ontario, Canada. "ZIP code" is an American term that means roughly the same thing as postal code in Canada. All postal codes in Ontario begin with letters K, L, M, N or P. More »

Some of the most populated postal codes in Ontario are M4C 1S6 (45,822), K1G 0M2 (33,994), L8E 2P2 (38,320), L6P 0P3 (61,932) and L4T 1N7 (39,097), as of 2015. Each of these postal codes lies within Toronto, Ottawa, Hami... More » Geography Canada

You can find a simple visual Canadian postal code map on Google images. For a complete postal code, type the Canadian city into and you'll get a deliverable postal code. More »

Find postal codes for British Columbia, Canada by searching online postal code databases such as, or British Columbia is a Canadian province that contains roughly 470 cities and towns as of ... More » Geography Canada