You can view a list of postal codes for Canada by going to From there, you can search the postal code of every city in Canada by using the search portal. Click on Canada at the top of the home page, then... More » Geography Canada

Find a list of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, postal codes by searching on sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site contains information about the various postal ... More » Business & Finance Mail & Shipping Postal Services

A list of postal codes for cities in Ontario can be found at GeoNames provides a search tool to find postal codes by country, province and city. More » Business & Finance Mail & Shipping Postal Services

Canada first began using postal codes for mail service in 1971. The use of postal codes was first introduced in Ottawa, Canada's capital. By 2011, Canada used approximately 834,000 postal codes. More » Geography Canada

Some examples of Calgary postal codes include T1X 0L6, T1X 1E1, T1X 1G3, T1X 1L4, T1X 1M9, T1X 1N8, T1X 1P7 and T1X 1R1. There are 400 postal codes in Calgary so there are plenty to choose from, though the vast majority ... More » Geography Canada

Popular Canadian postal codes include T2P 3E6 (Calgary, Alberta), V8T 1H4 (Victoria, British Columbia), M5P 2N7 (Toronto, Quebec), G1N 3L8 (Quebec City, Quebec), R3B 1C3 (Winnipeg, Manitoba), and K1P 1A5 (Ottawa, Ontario... More » Geography Canada

The most populated postal codes in Manitoba are in Winnipeg, primarily those starting with prefixes such as R2G or R2L. Postal codes have six alphanumeric characters with the first three indicating a geographic area and ... More » Geography Canada