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Post-surgical complications are a major concern and timely identification of the potential etiologies is crucial to decreasing morbidity and mortality. 1 The words ‘post-surgical’ and ‘post-operative’ are often used interchangeably.


After surgery, blood may collect between the cornea and iris -- the colored part of your eye -- and block your vision. Eye drops may help, and you'll need to rest in bed with your head up.


What complications may occur after surgery? Complications can sometimes occur after surgery. These are the most common complications. Complications may include the following. A deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot in a large vein deep inside a leg, arm, or other part of the body. Symptoms are pain ...


Postoperative complications. Sometimes, complications can occur following surgery. The following are the most common complications, as defined by the American Medical Association. However, individuals may experience complications and discomforts differently. Specific treatment for any post-surgical complication(s) will be based on:


Postoperative complications may either be general or specific to the type of surgery undertaken and should be managed with the patient's history in mind. Common general postoperative complications include postoperative fever, atelectasis, wound infection, embolism and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The ...


In a study published in the Journal of Surgical Education, Dr. Hyder and colleagues aimed to develop a simple, evidence-based mnemonic that can be applied to the teaching and diagnosis of postoperative complications. In the study, the timing and relative frequency of common postoperative complications was identified in a diverse surgical ...


You may experience issues after surgery or you may be unsure about the instructions you have been given. You may wonder if what you are experiencing is normal after a surgical procedure, or if what is happening is a true postoperative complication.


Postoperative complications increase patient morbidity and mortality and are a target for quality improvement programs. The goal of this study was to review the world's literature on postoperative complications in general surgery patients and to try to examine the effect of these complications on patient-centered outcomes.


The management of post-operative complications can be approached in a number of ways. Perhaps the most practical way is to consider the frequency in which various complications may occur (Common and important post-operative problems).


complications of surgical procedures during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium (O00-O9A. ICD-10-CM Range O00-O9A. Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium ... H59.819 Chorioretinal scars after surgery for detachm... H59.88 Other intraoperative complications of eye and... H59.89 Other postprocedural complications and disord...