Examples of possessive nouns include the word "dog's" in the phrase "the dog's bone," "California's" in "California's climate" and "parents'" in "parents' worries." When a possessive noun is used, it indicates that the f... More » Education

Students all learn in various ways and no one thing works the same for all of them, but a popular way to learn any skill is with games and interactive videos. There are many resources of this type available online to stu... More » Education

In the sentence, "The cat's toy is pink," the word "cat's" is the possessive noun. In the phrase, "America's freedom," the word "America's" is the possessive noun. Singular, possessive noun forms are used to show that on... More »

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Some examples of nouns include "flower," "dog," "president," "country," "mountain," "Mary," "California," "France," "George Washington" and "Mount Everest." "Flower," "dog," "president," "country" and "mountain" are exam... More » Education

An appositive phrase contains nouns or pronouns that are placed beside and clarify other nouns or pronouns, states the Purdue Online Writing Lab. An example of an appositive phrase placed at the beginning of a sentence i... More » Education

Examples of metaphors include the concept of the “black sheep of the family” and the phrase “You are my sunshine.” A metaphor is a comparison between two things that share common characteristics. Metaphors differ from si... More »

A descriptive adjective is a type of word that is used to describe the action, state or quality of nouns. Descriptive adjectives can be sectioned off into three categories which are simple, compound and proper. More » Education