The advantages of imperialism include improvements to or construction of local infrastructure, such as roads, highways, schools and hospitals. Imperialism can also lead to domination and oppression of weaker groups and t... More » History Modern History Exploration & Imperialism

The effects of imperialism in Egypt have been a mixture of positive and negative, including the development of education, culture, infrastructure and economy on the one hand, and political disruption, armed conflict and ... More » History Modern History Exploration & Imperialism

Three effects that European imperialism had on Africa included a more structured political system with an organized government, the development of industrial technology and the idea of nationalism, which led to wars and ... More » Geography Africa
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Some advantages of tourism are job creation, expansion of local infrastructure, such as roads, public transportation and sanitation facilities, and education of tourists. Meanwhile, many advantages are also disadvantages... More » World View Social Sciences Economics

Imperialism often provides economic benefits and enhances literacy rates, but it also often creates social and economic inequalities and may artificially divide previously peacefully co-existing segments of society. Impe... More » History Modern History Exploration & Imperialism