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Nov 12, 2020 ... Students can craft digital portfolios with embedded multimedia rather ... As the teacher, you might provide students with sample questions ...


Jul 30, 2020 ... Students have a variety of specializations, including costuming, set design, acting, theatre tech, and choreography. Their portfolios should ...


Teacher Samples. Below are examples of student-teacher portfolios. The first one is a technically elaborate example (created with Flash).


How Can Portfolios for Student Growth Apply to Students in My School or ... followed by forms and materials containing examples of all portfolio forms and.


Below are selected Digital Portfolios constructed by LSU Distinguished Communicators. Students are encouraged to review these examples and think critically ...


General Guidelines; Components of a Teaching Portfolio; Sample Teaching ... a sample lesson plan, make sure to describe the course, the students, and, ...


Examples of work products include collections of student essays, artwork, lab reports or reading logs. We use scoring guides and rubrics to score portfolios.


For example, the student creating a best-work employability portfolio needs to consider employers as a primary audience. On the other hand, a growth portfolio ...


A digital portfolio is a computer-based collection of student learning over time that ... that the items must include examples of their best performances, ...


Samples of students e-portfolios built on Google Sites. ... Creating with New Google Sites and Student e-Portfolios | 2019. Mr Lee Teaches.


OTHER EXAMPLES & RESOURCES: Columbia College Chicago ... Wade College - http://www.wadecollege.edu/student-portfolios/.