Population density is the number of people living in a particular amount of space, such as a square mile or square kilometer. It is determined by dividing the population of an area by its land area. More »

Population density tells you how crowded a certain area is, on average. To calculate, you need measurements of area, the population count and a calculator. More »

India has a very high population density because of social, economic and geographical factors. India's population is highly concentrated in areas with highly urbanized and industrialised sectors, as well as areas with hi... More »

The population of density of England, as of mid-2013, is 413 people per square kilometer, according to the Office for National Statistics. By comparison, the population density of Wales is 135 people per square kilometer... More »

Population density is the measure of the population number per unit area, according to About.com. An example would be people per square mile, which is calculated by dividing the total number of people by the land area in... More »

The Philippines is considered to be one of the countries that faces overpopulation, with its population density standing at 330 people per square kilometer in the year 2013. Overpopulation may have adverse effects on the... More »

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Arithmetic density of population is the number of all people that live in a "per unit area" throughout a country, and it can be referred to as the "crude density" or "regular density." An example of an arithmetic populat... More »