Pomeranian puppies can be bought from breeders, from a rescue group or from an animal shelter. It is recommended that the person buying the puppy ensure that the puppy is coming from an ethical place. More » Pets & Animals Pets

Pomeranians on average have two to four puppies per litter. The lifespan of a Pomeranian is between nine years and 15 years. Pomeranians are small dogs and belong to the toy group. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Brown is a normal color variation of the Pomeranian, which also appears in red, white, black and a variety of other colors and patterns. The coat of the Pomeranian is double layered and is more pronounced around the neck... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs
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Find local puppies for adoption at an animal shelter, a rescue group or a breed-specific rescue group. There are ways to find puppies online, but it is important to make sure the site is a reliable source. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The best way to get a Chihuahua puppy for free is to adopt from a local animal shelter or breed rescue group. Some of these groups feature fee-waived adoption programs. More » Pets & Animals Pets

To adopt a Brittany Spaniel puppy, potential owners can look for puppies from breeders on the American Kennel Club website, visit rescues such as the American Brittany Rescue or the National Brittany Rescue and Adoption ... More » Pets & Animals Pets

The requirements for pet adoption vary according to the shelter or rescue group. Some organizations will require an application, and nearly all will ask certain questions about your lifestyle and experience with pets. More » Pets & Animals Pets