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A polymer is a very large, chain-like molecule made up of monomers, which are small molecules. It can be naturally occurring or synthetic.


A polymer is a substance composed of long chains of simpler units called monomers. The major structural feature of polymers is the presence of a large number of ...


A commonly used definition of polymer is a material that is composed of many monomers (from 10s to 1000s) all linked together to form chains. A monomer can  ...


What are Polymers? A polymer is a large molecule or a macromolecule which essentially is a combination of many subunits. The term polymer in Greek means  ...


Mar 1, 2021 ... Polymers are made from monomers linked by chemical bonds. They are produced by polymerization, and occur either naturally or synthetically.


Polymer is a substance made up of a large number of smaller molecules that link together to form larger molecules. An example of a synthetic polymer is plastic.


Some important examples of these substances are discussed in the following sections. 2. Writing Formulas for Polymeric Macromolecules. The repeating structural ...


Jun 16, 2017 ... The word “polymer”, or sometimes "macromolecule", is derived from classical Greek poly meaning "many" and meres meaning "parts".


Apr 14, 2017 ... Watch this video to know more about polymers, its classification and polymerization. Department: Common Subject: Engineering ...


Polymer, any of a class of natural or synthetic substances composed of very large molecules that are multiples of simpler chemical units. Polymers make up ...