A polygraph test can be passed by manipulating the body's response to control questions. A participant's lies are only considered lies when they register a higher response than control questions. The results can therefor... More »

A person can beat a polygraph test by triggering strong reactions during the test questions and remaining calm as the pertinent questions come up, according to Elizabeth Flock for U.S. News & World Report. Causing pain t... More »

Options for inexpensive polygraph tests include using online tests, buying polygraph software, buying a polygraph machine, opting for a voice test and negotiating with professional polygraph administrators, according to ... More »

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According to a National Security Agency (NSA) whistle-blower, Russell Tice, it is possible to beat a polygraph by skewing the initial data and forcing strong reactions in response to known lies. He also suggests daydream... More »

A buccal swab test is a method of collecting DNA samples. According to the Laboratory Corporation of America, DNA samples are collected by rubbing the inside of the mouth with cotton-tipped swab. Unlike obtaining DNA fro... More »

Most home formaldehyde test kits include a badge or pump for collecting an air sample that is returned to an accredited laboratory for testing. Formaldehyde is of special concern in new or remodeled homes. More »

The purpose of embalming is to preserve the tissues in the body and delay decomposition. Many people choose embalming because it helps the body look more life-like for public viewing purposes at a funeral or memorial ser... More »