Poligrip with zinc was discontinued and users were warned to stop using it in 2011. At that time, a lawsuit against the makers of Poligrip denture adhesive cream was announced, claiming that denture wearers were not adeq... More » Health Dental

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration may recall toothpaste if it is found to contain unapproved, toxic or illegal ingredients. In addition, toothpaste makers can voluntarily recall their products if they are unpopular o... More » Health Dental

The primary danger of dental cream use is a buildup of zinc in the body. An excess of zinc can lead to health problems such as nerve damage, especially in the hands and feet. More » Health Dental
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Some denture adhesives, including pastes, powders or adhesive pads, contain zinc, which may lead to neuropathy, a type of nerve damage, in the hands, feet, legs or arms. Individuals who overuse denture adhesives, take mi... More » Health Dental

The Aspen Dental website provides a Find an Office link at the top of each page that allows users to search for a nearby office. Enter the ZIP code or city and state in the search box and click the magnifying glass icon. More » Health Dental

1-800-Dentist provides a search service for users in need of a dental professional. Users can search for local dental professionals by inputting their ZIP code on the service's website, or by contacting the 24-hour call ... More » Health Dental

Delta Dental's website includes a search tool that allows users to find participating Delta Dental dentists in their areas. To use the tool, users enter their coverage types and locations. Users can also search for a den... More » Health Dental