Writing a police report consists of completing the principal's list and narrative sections and the vehicle, property and juvenile sections if applicable, according to John Bowden for PoliceOne.com. The principals are the... More »

A police report is a document detailing a crime or incidence. In most cases, a victim or witness of a crime advises local police, who generate a report to start an investigation. More »

Sample police/law enforcement courses from the Community College of Aurora in Aurora, Colorado are Basic Police Academy I and II, Basic Law, Arrest Control Techniques, Law Enforcement Driving and Firearms. Gatson College... More »

To find the contact information for local police stations, visit PoliceOne.com, and search for local law enforcement agencies by name or state. The website maintains the contact information of police stations in all U.S.... More »

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Police officers wear a variety of garments that provide protection from physical and chemical hazards, including protective vests, gloves, goggles, gas masks and coveralls, according to PoliceOne.com. For example, Atlas ... More »

It typically takes approximately three to five days to obtain a police report. However, it often takes longer than this time frame if an investigation is pending. More »

When filing a police report, visit the police station nearest to where the crime took place, accurately report the incident and truthfully answer all of the officer's questions. The police investigate the events before h... More »