Get a police report by going to the main city police office or county sheriff's office. Most reports are available within a few days of the incident, though jurisdictions may have specific policies regarding the availabi... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The process for filing a police report depends on the city and the type of crime. For instance, in Los Angeles, California, it is possible to report some crimes by phone, but others require an in-person report, explains ... More »

According to, victims and defendants have the rights to obtain a police report upon request at the police department where the report was filed. Copies of police reports are available immediately for... More »

Police incident reports are available through the local police department or sheriff's office that issued them. A list of websites where users can request reports is available through the website As of ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

To get inmate information from the Walton County Jail, visit the official website of the county sheriff’s office, and check the jail division’s inmate roster. The site provides information on inmates currently incarcerat... More » Government & Politics Public Records

As of 2015, information on Madison County inmates is available at the website of the Madison county sheriff's office. There is also a downloadable mobile app containing similar information. More » Government & Politics Public Records

Call the sheriff's office or visit the county sheriff's website to find out the visiting hours for the local county jail. Occasionally, the website of the county sheriff's office is a page on the county's website. More » Government & Politics Public Records