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A police report is a document detailing a crime or incidence. In most cases, a victim or witness of a crime advises local police, who generate a report to start an investigation.


Get a police report by going to the main city police office or county sheriff's office. Most reports are available within a few days of the incident, though jurisdictions may have specific policies regarding the availability of reports.


Free police reports are reports that are public record and can be accessed at no cost, notes GOV Records. This record specifies if a person has committed any crimes at the local, state or federal level, says DMV.org.


The process for filing a police report depends on the city and the type of crime. For instance, in Los Angeles, California, it is possible to report some crimes by phone, but others require an in-person report, explains the City of Los Angeles. The city website provides...


Writing a police report consists of completing the principal's list and narrative sections and the vehicle, property and juvenile sections if applicable, according to John Bowden for PoliceOne.com. The principals are the people involved in the incident. The narrative se...


Dial 911 if you need to contact the Butler City Police Department due to an emergency. As of 2015, if a citizen calls (660) 679-6131, the department dispatches a police officer to take the report. A citizen can also file a report in person at 309 North Fulton Street, ac...


The public can find the daily activity reports of many local police departments online; for instance, the Norman City police department in Oklahoma offers daily activity reports in the form of downloadable documents on the city's website, explains Normanok.gov. The Sacr...