A pole barn is a structure that is built of wood trusses for the roof, vertical wood columns, wall headers, wall grits and roof purlins as a support system. The construction of a pole barn is widely considered to be simp... More » Art & Literature Architecture

A pole barn house is a structure that is supported by large poles that are placed into the ground and anchored with concrete. A pole barn house does not require a foundation and uses wood or metal siding. It also usually... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Landscaping

Pole barn house plans are house plans centered on a post-frame construction, explains Standout Cabin Designs. With this type of construction, there is no need for load-bearing walls or other types of interior support. Th... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials
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Some tips for building an inexpensive pole barn are to use wider spacing between support columns to save on lumber costs, use more durable materials to construct the pole barn to save money on repairs over time and build... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

There are 12 columns along the North Portico, which was added to the White House in 1829; four are lined up along the front, four are flush with the structure and two support each side. The rounded South Portico of the W... More » Art & Literature Architecture

Unlike stick-built structures that require a labor-intensive and restrictive process, pole barns only require post holes to secure vertical beams that hold all the load. This saves a substantial amount of money and time ... More » Art & Literature Architecture

Having an observatory-inspired gazebo, an entertaining area with a table, chairs, roof and curtains, a nature sanctuary with birdhouses and wind chimes, a rustic gazebo made from wood and a Victorian gazebo are some uniq... More » Art & Literature Architecture