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Players get HM #04 Strength in the Safari Zone after retrieving the lost teeth. Once players have the HM, they can teach the move Strength to any number of eligible Pokémon. The move allows players to move heavy boulders out of the path.


To download Pokemon games, connect the 3DS or Wii U system to the Internet and search for “Pokemon” in the eShop application. Alternately, visit Nintendo.com and purchase a download code in order to download Pokemon games from Nintendo. Most of the Pokemon games Nintend...


Players must use a GameShark or Action Replay code to walk through walls because this feature was never intended to be part of the game. For this reason, using a code to walk through walls may cause the game to freeze, crash or trap the player.


To get unlimited rare candy in Pokemon FireRed, a person will need to insert the code 82025840 0044.The code can be modified by changing the last four digits in order to get other items in the Pokemon FireRed game.


Play the online version of “Pokemon Silver” on websites that offer online emulation, such as PlayR.com. This website features an online emulator that lets people play GameBoy games without having to download anything. Also available on this site are other Pokemon games ...


Navel Rock is only accessible in "Pokemon Fire Red" via a Nintendo Mystery Ticket or unofficial cheat device, such as Action Replay or Gameshark. Mystery Tickets (also referred to as Mystery Gifts) are obtained at select Nintendo events.


There is no natural method of obtaining unlimited rare candies in Pokemon Fire Red (or Pokemon Leaf Green). The only way to do this is by using a Pokemon Modifier code on a PC emulator ROM.