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While there can be no definitive "best" team in Pokémon, there are tier lists that rank the best Pokémon in each generation based on their stats, effectiveness in battle and ranking against other Pokémon. Due to new moves, new Pokémon and new type match ups in every gen...


To play Pokémon Emerald online, one must have an emulator of the original game. Various sites offer emulators and also feature other retro games available for play.


It is impossible to get to the moon on Pokemon Emerald version because it is not part of the gameplay or a side quest. Although there is a place called Space Center in Mossdeep City, it does not function as a means of going to the moon.


To get surf in “Pokemon Emerald,” the player needs to talk to Wally's uncle after beating the gym in Petalburg City. The location of Wally's uncle is northwest of Wally's house, which is located to the left of the gym.


The Weather Institute in Pokémon Emerald is located on Route 119 . Serving as a bureau for the Hoenn region, it monitors the weather conditions throughout the entire region.


Emerald Advance line of credit applications were accepted only until January 19th, 2015, but applications for the Emerald Prepaid Mastercard are accepted on the H&R Block website. Current users of the Emerald Advance program may load loan funds to Emerald Prepaid Master...


Since the Pokemon Munchlax was only introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon game versions, it is impossible to obtain it in Pokemon Emerald because Emerald came earlier as part of the third generation of Pokemon games. Along with the Munchlax, the fourth generati...