Amanita muscaria, the best known and most widely found red mushroom, is poisonous. Cases of death after ingestion are, however, exceptionally rare. The mushroom is known for its hallucinogenic properties. More » Food Food Facts

Some mushrooms are poisonous to dogs, although it is a challenge to identify the mushrooms consumed by a dog if the dog spends time in wooded areas or outdoors. There are many classifications of mushrooms that can cause ... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

Some of the most common poisonous mushrooms are amanitas. Though not all amanitas are poisonous, others are some of the most deadly mushrooms known. One of these mushrooms is the fly agaric. It is known for its red, whit... More » Food Cooking Vegetables
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Cooks do not have to remove the gills from portobello mushrooms. Those who choose to remove the gills can use a spoon to scrape them off. More » Food Food Facts

Some foods that contain nucleic acids are fish, beans, nuts, spinach, beef, mushrooms and eggs; brewer's yeast and wheat germ are also good sources of nucleic acid. Nucleic acids are large molecules that are made from nu... More » Food Food Facts

Morel mushrooms grow all over the United States, but they do not grow in desert regions or in the coastal regions of the Deep South. The Great Lakes region of the Midwest is the best for finding morel mushrooms. More » Food Food Facts

Edible mushrooms are recognized through close examination of their gills, cap, stalk, spores and size, according to Twin Eagles Wilderness School. Once a mushroom is found, its key identifying factors are noted and cross... More » Food Food Facts