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If you have ever been swimming and noticed a jellyfish floating toward you, odds are you scrambled to get away as quickly as you possibly could. It is tough to spot jellyfish. Being translucent, they can often blend right into the ocean currents.


Although the notoriously dangerous species of box jellyfish are largely restricted to the tropical Indo-Pacific region, various species of box jellyfish can be found widely in tropical and subtropical oceans, including the Atlantic Ocean and the east Pacific Ocean, with species as far north as California (Carybdea confusa), the Mediterranean ...


It seems to go without saying that the most poisonous, deadliest and meanest of all the jellyfish inhabits Australia. The variety of box jellyfish known as the sea wasp or marine stinger is widely regarded as one of the most deadly creatures on earth.


Irukandji jellyfish (/ ˌ ɪr ə ˈ k æ n dʒ i / IRR-ə-KAN-jee) are any of several similar, extremely venomous species of box jellyfish. With an adult size of roughly a cubic centimetre (1 cm 3), they are both the smallest and one of the most venomous jellyfish in the world.


Poisonous Jellyfish attached to Jake Poisonous Jellyfish are a species of jellyfish introduced in " Whipple the Happy Dragon " that live in Poison Reef. The jellyfish attach to Jake 's abdomen when he was shape shifted into a boat, and attached to Susan 's head causing both of them to hallucinate.


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Said to be the deadliest jellyfish in the world, around 63 human fatalities have been attributed to the sea wasp over the course of 80 years in Australia—and those are just the known cases. You can tell a sea wasp or a similarly dangerous box jellyfish by its pale blue, transparent color and four-cornered, bell-shaped head.


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When you think of poisonous animals, what springs to mind? Spiders? Scorpions? Snakes? Jellyfish? Most of the world’s most poisonous animals are either reptiles, arachnids, or undersea inhabitants. Here is a rundown of the top 10 most poisonous animals in the world, counting down to the winner.


Certain box jellyfish stings can kill a person within minutes. Other box jellyfish stings can lead to death in 4 to 48 hours after a sting due to "Irukandji syndrome." This is a delayed reaction to the sting. It is important to carefully monitor box jellyfish sting victims for hours after a sting.