As of November 2015, some good software for recording podcasts include Propaganda, ePodcast Producer and Audacity. Propaganda lets users arrange the audio clips in a podcast by dragging and dropping the audio files. It s... More » Technology Software

To create a podcast, choose a topic that interests you, gather the right equipment, set up and record the audio file, and post it to a hosting site. Creating a podcast is a fun endeavor, but if you do not follow the nece... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To make a podcast, first choose a theme, and plan a schedule of topics to cover. Then, use recording equipment to record your podcast episodes. Edit them for length and content, convert them to the correct format, and up... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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Serial number software is a collective term for programs and applications that purport to provide serial numbers for unlocking a variety of applications and software programs for various operating systems. There are nume... More » Technology Software

As of December 2015, some free multi-track recording studio software options include MultiTrackStudio Lite, Audacity and Ardour. MultiTrackStudio Lite is compatible with Windows and Mac OSX and is the free version of Mul... More » Technology Software

As of December 2015, some free appointment scheduling software options include, and is a cloud-based appointment scheduling system. It offers features such as SMS and Ema... More » Technology Software

To install the LAME MP3 encoder for Audacity, download the appropriate setup file from, and initiate the setup process by double-clicking the downloaded executable file. Once the setup process completes, ... More » Technology Software