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A plus sign (+) on an at-home pregnancy test indicates a pregnant result, whereas a minus sign (-) indicates a not pregnant result. These results appear in a clear window on the testing stick. The instructions, included with the test, should clearly explain how to read ...


The primary difference between DVD+R and DVD-R is the type of recorder used to write the discs. DVD-R is an older format that dates back to 1997, while DVD+R is a newer recording technology created in 2002. The two types of discs hold the same amount of information, but...


A negative minus a negative is equal to another negative number, a positive number or zero, depending upon the numbers in the equation. Subtracting a negative number from another negative number is the same thing as adding a positive number.


2 plus 2 equals 4. This is arrived with the help of an arithmetic operation called addition. It involves bringing two or more numbers together to arrive at a total, or sum. Addition is symbolized by using a plus sign: "+"


If one subtracts a positive number from a negative number, the process is still subtraction. For example, -3 minus 7 is -10. On the other hand, subtracting a negative number from a positive number is equivalent to addition.


Reading Plus is a web-based silent reading program that caters to students in grade three or higher. Its design is to adjust the reading and comprehension difficulty to the individual student.


Reumofan Plus is a dietary supplement that claims to treat conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and bone cancer, according to the U.S Food and Drug Administration. However, the FDA has found several undeclared prescription drugs inside of the product and has issue...