The plumbing supplies carried by Lowes includes toilet and faucet repair kits, faucet aerators, toilet fill valves, and bathtub drains and spouts. Toilet repair kits include fill valves, flush valves, flappers and tank-t... More »

Mansfield Plumbing Products and Sioux Chief are manufacturers of plumbing supplies, some of which are available at affordable prices. Some of the supplies available include bathtubs, fitting systems, shower bases, adapte... More »

Some common PVC plumbing supplies include pipes. These pipes range from Schedule 40 pipes that are good for drain-waste-vent systems to pipes of different diameters and lengths. PVC supplies also include side outlet elbo... More »

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To install a washerless bathtub faucet, turn off the main water supply, install the putty plate and faucet, make the plumbing connections and turn the water back on. The most common type of washerless faucet is the cartr... More »

Acrylic bathtub repair kits can be purchased online through the NNRepair, Multi-Tech Products Corporation and Lowe's websites. The acrylic bathtub kits sold by NNRepair are generally designed to be used with very large s... More »

To repair a leaky Delta bathtub faucet, replace the worn rubber seats and springs. If the faucet has a handle for each temperature setting, feel the temperature of the water leaking from the spout to determine which hand... More »

To reglaze a bathtub, take out the trim plumbing, caulking and grout from the tub, ensure that the area is well ventilated, clean the bathtub thoroughly, and apply a body filler in the tub. Then, prime the bathtub, apply... More »