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The cost of automotive batteries from AutoZone range between $50 - $200. The prices of the available batteries reflect their capabilities, as higher output batteries reach upwards of $200.


As of 2015, AutoZone offers a wide variety of vehicle batteries in stores and online, including batteries manufactured by Duralast, Optima, Econocraft and Valucraft. In addition, the store sells Duralast Gold, Duralast Industrial and Duralast Premium batteries.


Most AutoZone stores are open as early as 7:30 a.m. and stay open late, often until 10 p.m., from Monday to Saturday. Sunday hours are generally a little shorter, although store hours vary by location.


AutoZone prices can be found at the official Autozone website, notes AutoZone. The site allows users to register their vehicles so that searches return the correct prices. Users who have not registered their vehicles can enter their vehicle’s specifications in the search feature.


AutoZone carries a huge variety of parts ranging from exterior car parts and accessories like windscreens, mirrors, baffles and deflectors to interior features like upholstery, consoles and many other components. The business also carries various replacement parts on a by-order basis as well as lubr


To find replacement parts online at AutoZone.com, select the Replacement Parts option from the main navigation bar and choose a parts category, as of 2015. From the category page, enter the make, model and year of your car to narrow results to only compatible options.


AutoZone customers have the option to order parts and other products online, states the AutoZone website. AutoZone offers the option to place an order for parts and accessories online and pick the items up in the local AutoZone store the same day.


Customers can find AutoZone repair help on the company's website, AutoZone.com. The Repair Help page at AutoZone.com lets users watch repair videos, chat with others in the forum and find vehicle repair guidelines and repair shops in their local areas.


As of 2015, AutoZone sells a wide variety of replacement car parts, such as car batteries, drive trains, fuel delivery systems, alternators and brake rotors. AutoZone's parts inventory also include car hardware such as headlights and motor mounts, and starting equipment, such as car starters or alte


A car's heater does not generate heat if the coolant level is low or restricted by buildup, if the water pump failed or if the thermostat is broken. The heater fan is also sometimes an issue.