Plot is a literary term defined as the series of events that make up the story of a book. In particular, the plot is viewed by the reader as how these events relate to one another, whether it be by sequence, cause and ef... More » Art & Literature Literature

The plot of the Netflix TV series "Longmire" centers on the life of dedicated Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire as he struggles to return to work after his wife's death. The series follows the sheriff's challenges as he inve... More » Art & Literature

An Arrhenius plot is used to assess the impact temperature has on chemical reactions. It plots the inverse temperature against kinetic constants logarithm. An Arrhenius plot yields a straight line of a solitary-rate limi... More » Science Chemistry

In literature, a linear plot begins at a certain point, moves through a series of events to a climax and then ends up at another point. Also known as the plot structure of Aristotle, it is possible to represent a linear ... More »

As a literary term, plot refers to the central organizational elements of a story. These elements lend the advancement of the story its structure and its pacing, as well as its twists and turns. Analysts commonly recogni... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

A plot map is a conceptual device used by writers, critics and students of literature to give visual form to the action in a story. Generally, successful plots can be conceived of as a mountain, with the peak being the c... More »

The plot that is contained within a short story is the reason why the characters in the short story do the things that they do. It is a sequence of casual events that occur that are able to answer the questions about why... More »