Some scary online maze games include “Maze of Shadow” and “Scary Maze.” Both games rely on jump scares to surprise players when they aren't expecting it. Play the games with the sound on to get the biggest scare. More »

The scary maze game is played with a small black dot and a series of simplistic mazes. When the small black dot touches any wall of the maze, the player losses and must start from the beginning maze. On the final level, ... More »

The scary maze game is not appropriate for children. The game features an otherwise normal experience, up to the point a visible jump scare of Regan MacNeil from the movie "The Exorcist" appears, which may frighten or di... More »

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3D maze games are available for iPad users through the iTunes store including Realmaze3D and aMAZEing 3D Maze, as of 2015. Realmaze3D was listed in the top 100 iPhone games on and features a large number of... More »

Three fun online maze games are "Mammoths," "2mazed," and "Scramball 2." All three of these games are in the maze section of To get to the maze section, visitors type "maze" into the search function on the sit... More »

Scary games available online include horror adventures such as "Inculcation" and "Satanorium," which are hosted online at Newgrounds as of 2015, and "The Last Door" and "Killer Escape," which are available from Armor Gam... More »

Some scary games available online include "Haunted House Massacre" on and "Escape the Toy Factory" on In "Haunted House Massacre," players must look for a friend trapped in a haunted house. In ... More »