Gamers can play “Jeopardy!” for the GameBoy on websites such as PlayR. In this version of the game, they can face off against computer players or real people. More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games

"Jeopardy!" for Kids, more commonly referred to as "Jeopardy!" Kids' Week, is played using questions appropriate for children thirteen years of age and younger. The game is played like regular "Jeopardy!" but with easier... More » Hobbies & Games Board Games

To play Jeopardy in the classroom, put the answers and questions in a PowerPoint or other type of slideshow. Keep the slides in the order of answer first and question second. More »

Gamers play “Raze 2” using a computer keyboard to control movement and a computer mouse to aim. “Raze 2” is a free online Flash game that is available to play on arcade More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games

Gamers can play Learn to Fly 2 for free at the Kongregate website. The game uses keyboard controls to control the flight of a penguin dummy for the purpose of mastering flight. During the game, the player has the option ... More »

Gamers can play online birthing games such as “Cute Girl Givin Birth” and “Give a Birth to Your Daughter” on arcade websites such as and Both of these games are completely free to play and don't requir... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games

Gamers play “Super Santa Kicker” using a computer mouse to control a reindeer that is trying to kick Santa into a chimney. The game is available to play for free on websites such as with or without establi... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games