Although the strength of plastic wrap differs depending on the brand, the average weight-holding capacity is around 10 pounds. Up and Up can hold 5 pounds, Rite Aid Home Essentials 10 pounds and Glad Cling Wrap 15 pounds... More » Science Chemistry Solutions & Mixtures, and each sell Reynolds plastic wrap. Most of the available rolls of plastic wrap are designed for food service use and offer sliding cutters on the packaging. More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Use plastic packaging wrap by grasping both ends of the roll and pulling to dispense the wrap, completely wrapping the item; the wrap will stick to itself. Use it for binding and bundling materials for storage or transpo... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Cookware & Kitchen Tools

Polypropylene is a recyclable plastic. However, less than 1 percent of polypropylene-made post-consumer products are recycled in the United States every year, according to as of 2014. More »

To repair cracked plastic, a person can use plastic epoxy. While there are several types of plastic glue that sometimes work, some are not as durable as epoxy. More »

Methyl hydrate is a basic alcohol with many industrial uses, including water treatment, fuel and the production of synthetic materials such as plastic and resin. It is more commonly known as methanol. More »

Examples of insoluble substances are sand, plastic, wood, metal, glass and cloth. These substances never dissolve in water or any other solvent at room temperature and pressure. Sugars and inorganic salts are also exampl... More »