The smallest mini plastic trash cans on the market are those that hold 2.5 gallons. It is not guaranteed that every store will have the 2.5-gallon cans, but a portion of stores carry cans that are less than 3 gallons, av... More »

Garbage disposal, recycling and composting are some purposes to which plastic trash cans may be put. Additionally, these trash cans may be used as mop buckets or rain barrels. More »

For residential homeowners, Rubbermaid makes covered indoor waste cans, open indoor waste baskets, outdoor trash cans and recycling bins. Commercially, Rubbermaid makes a wide variety of waste containers, including indoo... More »

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Metal trash cans are good options because they are durable and do not absorb odors over time. Metal trash cans are more durable when compared to plastics. Metallic trash cans do not absorb odor over time, even without a ... More »

Motion-sensing trash cans such as those produced by simplehuman and EKO are the most advanced trash cans widely available as of 2016. These trash cans open with a wave of the hand in their vicinity, allowing users to eas... More »

Rubbermaid outdoor trash cans range in capacity from 20 gallons to 50 gallons and are made of heavy-duty plastic designed to withstand moisture and extreme hot and cold temperatures. All models come with lids, some of wh... More »

Some good containers that can be used for bottle recycling include wheeled recycling carts, trash cans, small recycling bins or plastic bags, notes Individual locations may have their own requirements r... More »