Under-eye plastic surgery refers to a range of surgical techniques designed to improve facial appearance. Generally referred to as lower lid blepharoplasty, this operation involves the removal of protruding fatty tissue,... More » Health

Surgeons can perform plastic surgery in an office, rather than a hospital, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Office-based operations have lower costs, are more time efficient and are more convenient for... More » Health

The most popular plastic surgery procedures are breast augmentation, nose reshaping and liposuction, as of 2014, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Other popular cosmetic surgery procedures include ey... More » Health
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Improve the appearance of knobby knees through strength training or plastic surgery, according to Dr. John Griffith. Strenuous exercise makes the muscles around the knees stronger and tighter, while plastic surgery can s... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Although plastic surgery is often expensive and insurance does not cover most procedures, there are financing options available, according to Fox Business. Such options range from specialty credit cards only medical care... More » Health

Some ways to save on plastic surgery costs include exploring possible insurance coverage, checking for discounts, discussing financing options and asking for the surgery as a gift, according to WebMD. Cosmetic surgery in... More » Health

A plastic surgery stimulator is a program that modifies a photograph of a person to show the results of the chosen plastic surgery procedure, according to Plastic Surgery Simulator. These programs are available for the c... More » Health