Recycling plastic is important because this material is used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of products, and an incredible amount of unused plastic already exists. Energy conservation is also a concern as a signi... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Plastic, along with aluminum and paper, is recyclable in recycling bins. However, recycling plastic is subject to rules and regulations. Only certain types of plastic can be recycled in recycling bins. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Many localities require residents to remove bottle caps from bottles before placing them into recycling containers. Caps have a plastic resin code of five, while bottles are code two. These types of plastic melt at diffe... More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing
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The process for recycling carpets includes the collection and transport of carpets into material recovery facilities, the manufacturing of new products from the recovered materials and the selling and purchase of recycle... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Biodegradable boxes and containers are usually composed of organic material such as paper and cardboard and bio-based or starch-based plastics derived from corn, soy, sugarcane or potatoes. Some inorganic materials have ... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Some examples of recyclable plastics include peanut butter jars, toys, milk bottles, plumbing material, food bags, medicine bottles, plastic cling wraps, stadium cups and syrup containers. Others include detergent bottle... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Green computing is important to society due to the prolific manufacturing and use of electronic equipment in modern societies. In addition to the environmental impacts of the energy production necessary to run this equip... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability