Make homemade plastic mesh pot scrubbers using mesh vegetable or onion bags. To make these, all you need is the mesh bag and a needle and heavy thread, such as embroidery thread. More »

As of June 2015, patterns for scrubbies are available online at Maggie's Crochet, Mother Earth News and Maggie's Crochet pattern requires 2-inch strips of nylon netting knotted together and an N crochet hook. ... More »

Some tips for making tulle pot scrubbers include cutting a rough-textured tulle fabric into strips for using as yarn, using a crochet hook of the appropriate size to form a circular scrubber, and making the scrubber doub... More »

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To remove an adhesive label from metal, wood or plastic, apply vegetable oil to the label. Allow it to sit for a few hours, and then heat it with a hair dryer. Use soapy water to remove any residue. More »

An easy way to make a homemade hamster cage is to solder holes in a lidded plastic storage bin, and place wire mesh over the holes, fastening the mesh with zip ties. This 90-minute procedure requires a large plastic stor... More »

Detergent can help in cleaning a pot that has been burned. Add dishwashing detergent and boiling water to the pot to remove burnt-on food and burn marks. More »

Experts recommend using mild cleaning solutions for cleaning wood cabinets such as vinegar and water, detergent mixed with water, baking soda with water or a vegetable oil soap and water. Experts also recommend avoiding ... More »