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Keeping a yard free of clutter, mowing the lawn and keeping the hedges tidy and trimmed are all good ways to keep snakes away from a property. Checking structures for holes and removing tempting prey may also help to keep snakes off of a property.


Mongoose urine and kingsnake musk can be used to keep snakes away; they are available to licensed professional snake removers. Other commercial snake repellents available to consumers and home remedies, such as moth balls, don't work, because snakes don't use smells to sense danger.


Removing sources of food and shelter that snakes seek out is the most certain way to keep them away from a home. Snakes can also be kept out with a perimeter snake fence. Chemical snake repellents are available, but they may contain toxins that can harm pets, other wildlife or even humans if they ge


Effective measures that discourage snakes from entering a house or yard include trimming tall grasses, plugging foundation cracks and sealing other exterior gaps. Cutting grasses and other tall plants deprives snakes of their favorite hiding spots. Snakes are also attracted to the small rodents that


Wormwood, tulbaghia violacea, West Indian lemongrass, Sarpagandha and andrographis paniculata can help repel snakes. Garlic, cinnamon oil, and clove oil can also be used.


Cats do not keep snakes out of yards or houses, although they enjoy hunting. However, guarding against snakes is not what interests them, warns the Snake Removal website. Exposing cats to snakes may result in serious injury from non-poisonous snakes and possible death from venomous ones.


The best way to keep snakes away from a yard is to remove organic debris, such as overgrown bushes or grass piles. Sealing small holes in house and patio foundations removes hiding places and potential food sources for the snakes, which helps keep them at bay.


Cleaning the yard, removing pests that snakes eat, securing outdoor pets such as rabbits and chickens, mulching with sharp materials and eliminating wet areas are natural methods that keep snakes out of the yard. Natural oils and snake repellents sprayed in the yard also effectively discourage snake


The best ways to keep snakes out are trimming grass and shrubs, keeping pest populations under control, using moth balls as a repellent, and catching and removing them. A snake's size and ability to climb makes fences and mechanical barriers ineffective, making maintenance the best option.


Snakes do have bones. Snakes are part of the vertebrate family like most land animals. Snakes have many more bones than humans, and the unique design of their skeleton gives them their shape and flexibility.