Plant seeds from a papaya fruit or store-bought seeds in a soil that is rich in nutrients. If you are growing papaya indoors, transplant the seedlings to a large container, and place them in full sunlight. Cull the weake... More »

Before papaya seeds are dried, rinse them clean of all fruit and fruit residue. Once the seeds are clean, set them in the sun to dry, preferably in low humidity. Stir the seeds occasionally to expose moisture and ensure ... More » Hobbies & Games Flower Arranging

Yes, papaya seeds have healthy benefits and are edible. However, they have a slightly peppery and bitter flavor that not everyone enjoys. More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies
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Plant roots are structures developed to draw nutrients and moisture from the soil while tubers serve as storage vessels and as a means to propagate new plants. Plants form tubers on their roots and both their stems. Stem... More »

Plant beets by choosing a good location, preparing the planting site, placing the seeds in shallow holes and keeping the soil moist. You need beet seeds, aged manure, a garden trowel and water. More »

Plant zucchini by preparing the soil, placing the seeds in 1-inch deep holes, and establishing a cloche protection for the seedlings. You need a cloche, a trowel, plastic mulch, organic mulch, compost and zucchini seeds. More »

Plant lettuce by choosing a planting site that receives part sun, planting at the right time, preparing the soil, and sowing and watering the seeds. You need compost, lettuce seeds and a tiller. More »