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Flowering bulbs appropriate for spring planting include dahlias, lilies, gladioli, caladiums and begonias. Alliums, iris and cyclamen are some spring bloomers suited for earlier spring planting.


Before planting, store the bulbs inside the refrigerator for six to eight weeks, but do not store apples or other fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator to prevent killing the shoot. Amend the soil before planting, if necessary, by performing a soil test. Plant the bulbs at the recommended depth


The word "bulb" has several meanings, all of which refer, or originally referred, to an object with a round shape. There is no difference in pronunciation between these meanings.


To plant tulips, deeply bury the bulbs in a sunny, well-drained location. Plant in the fall, and bury the bulbs immediately after purchasing them to prevent deterioration.


When planting tulips, gardeners should choose high-quality bulbs and shop early in the season, selecting bulbs that are firm and free from mold, bruises or cuts. Gardeners should also avoid buying tulips based on color, since colors may be mixed, opting instead for a specific species or variety. Tho


Planting onion bulbs requires choosing the ideal location, planting at the right time and providing enough nourishment and nutrients for the plants. Onion bulbs are available in two categories: long-day, such as the yellow sweet Spanish onion, and short-day, such as the Stuttgarter.


Tulips need cold weather to thrive. They should be planted in the fall, which allows roots to spread throughout the winter. Planting tulips takes about an hour because the soil must be prepared before the bulbs go in. To prepare the soil and plant the bulbs, gather a large shovel, a hand shovel, a r


Cornell University recommends purchasing garlic bulbs from mail-order suppliers or a local garden store. The site suggests local stores are the best since they stock bulbs suitable for the local climate.


To plant garlic bulbs, fertilize the soil, plant the bulbs, cover them with soil and mulch, remove the mulch, and water the plants when dry. Plant garlic bulbs in a sunny spot in slightly dry, loose soil. Plant the bulbs in early autumn, and allow eight months for them to mature.


A bulb planting chart is designed to help users determine when it is the best time to plant flowering bulbs for different seasons and the proper depth the bulbs should be placed in the ground. To use effectively, individuals can match a flowering bulb with its position on the chart.