To build a planter box, construct two equal-sized square frames to support the base and sides of the box. Attach the side panels and the base to the frames using wood glue, nails and screws, then drill holes in the base ... More »

Websites with free puzzle box plans include, and DIY Puzzles offers plans for a Japanese, puzzler, tugboat and dragon puzzle box. It also includes desi... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

Mix strong bloomers such as verbena and plants with unusual foliage such as kale in a garden planter box design in a sunny area. In the shade, plant three shade-friendly varieties together, such as coleus for height, ivy... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes
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To build a grow box, cut 30-inch-long boards, make the sides out of scrap wood, secure the box with wood glue, and drill drainage holes at the bottom. You need a 6-foot-by-1-inch-by-8-inch board and a 4-foot-by-1-inch-by... More »

The number of sides a pyramid has depends on the shape of its polygonal base; for example, if the base of a pyramid is a square, it will have five sides, which are four triangular sides and one square side. A pyramid who... More » Math Geometry Shapes

Recycling centers commonly accept large plastic planter boxes, while a few curbside recycling companies pick up large planter boxes. Some gardening centers also accept large plastic planters and may be able to recycle th... More »

Some interesting flower bed designs include flowers planted inside an umbrella planter, a chessboard garden, flowers planted in a bed-shaped garden and flowers spilling out of an overturned pot. An individual can plant a... More »