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A tree is a plant. Trees are perennial plants that use photosynthesis to make their own food like other plants. They have woody stems and trunks and tend to live for many years.


Plant a containerized tree by digging a hole three to four times the diameter of the tree, removing the tree from the container and placing it in the hole. Add soil under the tree to lift it so the top of the soil from the container is even with the surface of the surrounding ground. Backfill the ho


To plant a fruit tree, determine the best time for planting, select a sunny location, dig a large hole, and plant the tree. Backfill the hole with soil, water well and protect the tree as it grows.


Soak the roots of a bare-root tree for 60 minutes in a bucket of warm water before planting it in a hole twice the size of the root spread. Set the tree crown slightly above soil level, with the roots hanging down from an undisturbed soil cone in the middle of the hole. Fill in around the trunk with


The best time to plant a tree is in the late winter or early spring, according to About.com. The next best time is in the fall. Summer is the worst time because plants can become vulnerable to heat damage.


Trees should be planted 15 to 20 feet away from a house or outbuilding. The distance depends on the projected size of the mature tree.


Plant an apple tree by choosing a type of apple tree, placing it in a good location, preparing the soil, digging a large hole for the root ball, planting the tree and watering the tree. You need compost, a shovel and water.


To grow a money tree plant, place it in indirect light, use well-drained potting soil and water it regularly. Fertilize it throughout the growing season, and braid the stems as desired.


In cold climatic conditions, the best planting time for bare root trees and container tree is spring season, while in warm climates, any season except summer is ideal for container trees. The best time to plant fruit trees depends on the climate and the type of tree.


Care for a money tree plant by placing it in indirect light or a shady spot, making sure it gets plenty of humidity, watering it regularly and fertilizing in twice a month. Trim off any dead or damaged leaves.