While the Sahara desert is a hot and unforgiving place, more than 2,800 species of trees, shrubs and grasses call it home. Most of these plants exist in the northernmost and southernmost reaches of the desert where rainf... More » Science Biology Botany

Date palms and acacias are two types of plants found in the Sahara Desert. Tamarisks are another type of plant found in the Sahara. More » Science Biology Botany

The plants, wildlife and overall ecosystem of the Sahara Desert are threatened by human activities, such as overstocking livestock, an increasing demand for firewood, irrigation development and hunting for food and sport... More » Geography Africa
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Many plant species lived during the Quaternary Period, including bushes, shrubs, prairie grasses, birch, pine, spruce, oak, maple and flowering plants of all types. Due to ice ages, plant populations and their ecosystems... More » Science Biology Botany

Deserts in the United States are home to many species of flowering shrubs, from the yellow-flowering creosote bush to the purple blooms of the Texas mountain laurel. A few non-native flowering shrubs that grow well in th... More » Science Biology Botany

There are numerous types of plants that grow in the desert, but the most common are cactus, sage brush, brittle brush, Joshua trees and short types of grasses. The types of plants that do well in the desert adapt to dry ... More » Science Biology Botany

The most common types of plants found in temperate grassland biomes are grasses and wildflowers, with trees and large shrubs also being present but very rare. Common types of grasses found in these biomes are ryegrass, w... More » Science Biology Botany