An increased concentration of salt in soil inhibits plant growth, eventually leading to plant death, and high salinity in soil is a major issue facing the agriculture industry. However, there is a subset of plants called... More »

Magnetism has been shown to affect plant growth positively. In addition to treating the seeds magnetically, water used to hydrate the plant can also be treated to boost its growth. More »

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Watering a plant with orange juice can prevent the plant from absorbing the nutrients it needs to grow, stunting its growth or possibly killing it. This is due to the sugar that is found in orange juice. Much like salt, ... More »

Plants rely on 13 mineral nutrients found in soil to survive and grow; therefore, the type of soil used for a plant directly affects its growth. If there are not enough nutrients in the soil for a plant to grow, it dies.... More »

There are numerous forms of radiation, including gamma rays, which can hinder the seed germination, root growth and shoot growth of a plant, and ultraviolet, or UV, radiation from the sun, which helps to feed a plant aft... More »