To plant garlic bulbs, fertilize the soil, plant the bulbs, cover them with soil and mulch, remove the mulch, and water the plants when dry. Plant garlic bulbs in a sunny spot in slightly dry, loose soil. Plant the bulbs... More »

Plant garlic by choosing a location with well-drained soil and plenty of sun and placing the garlic cloves in 2-inch deep holes, the Old Farmer's Almanac advises. Plant the cloves just before the fall frost in order to h... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Houseplants

Ideally, garlic should be planted in loamy, well-drained, fertile and slightly acidic soil, in an area that gets full sun. It's hardy in zones 3 to 8. Though garlic can be planted in the spring, it's best to plant in the... More »

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To plant daffodils, choose a sunny spot with fertile soil, plant in the fall, plant bulbs deeply with proper spacing, and cover the bulbs with mulch. Daffodils prefer acidic soil with good drainage. More »

To transplant a holly bush, a gardener needs to select a good spot, dig a large hole, wet the hole, add the transplanted bush, fill it with water and soil and add mulch. Before the transplant, in autumn or winter, the ga... More »

Plant individual garlic cloves in well-drained soil 1 to 2 inches apart, cover the cloves with a layer of mulch. Fertilize the plants in early spring, remove the mulch in June, and allow the plants to grow until midsumme... More »

To begin growing stevia plants, gather well-drained soil, compost, mulch, water and stevia seedlings. As the growing season progresses, garden twine, fertilizer and wooden stakes can also be used to care for the plants. ... More »