Free gazebo plans are available on websites such as the DIY Network, and Mother Earth News. All three sites list the materials and tools required for the project and provide detailed instructions on how to ... More »

Some tools that may be necessary to replace a gazebo roof include a hammer, a drill with interchangeable bits, a measuring tape, a level and a ladder. Depending on the nature of the roof and materials, the job may also r... More »

Design plans for gazebos are available for the more commonly found square, rectangular and octagonal shaped structures, as well as for specialty models that can have up to 12 sides. Custom designed plans are also an opti... More »

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As of June 2015, websites for Lowe's, DIY Network and Ace Hardware have free outdoor playhouse plans. All sites use photographs to illustrate certain steps of the building process. More »

Freebies and Block Layer are two websites users can visit to find free gazebo plans. Users may also look into Build Eazy and Todays Plans to choose from several gazebo plans for their outdoor area. More »

Some good free plans for a child's playhouse include the A Place Imagined free plan, The Wendy House Plan from BuildEazy and the American Gothic plan from Southern Pine. Additionally, the DIY Network offers guides to bui... More »

As of October 2015, plans for floating deck systems are at websites for DIY Network, HGTV and The Home Depot. The plans at DIY Network need advanced carpentry skills and more than two days to complete. Step-by-step instr... More »