articles provides a long list of free, downloadable kitchen island building plans, as of June 2015. A variety of styles and types are available, including angled islands, rustic islands and butcher block i... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

To build a barbecue island, measure the area, build a frame out of plywood, add the countertop and cover the outside of the frame with wood, metal or stone veneer. To finish off the space, slide the BBQ into the space. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Tips for selecting a good floor plan include determining whether the design offers more features than the current home and whether the plan can accommodate the buyer's decorating style. A good balance between space and a... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance
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Before designing a custom kitchen island, consider the island's particular function and necessary appliances that you are going to use and store in it. Additionally, formulate a general idea about the required storage sp... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

For a kitchen island with some portability, many websites have a wide offering of kitchen carts with wheels and other compartments. Search websites like or to see what kinds of kitchen cart offe... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Some places to view kitchen floor plans include and Both of these websites show kitchen plans of varying sizes and layouts with an included description of space needed to use the floor plan. More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Some good kitchen blueprint plans include one-wall kitchens, the galley plan, the L-shaped plan and the peninsula kitchen plan. The L-shaped kitchen design helps to solve the challenge of maximizing corner space. However... More » Home & Garden Kitchen